La Charreada — Coloring booklet by Iniciativa GOCA

At Iniciativa GOCA, we hold dear the origins of Grupo GOCA, deeply rooted in Rancho San José, and we are dedicated to preserving our rich cultural heritage. To celebrate and admire the skills of charros and escaramuzas we’ve created, alongside Haydeé Rico, the coloring booklet “La Charreada”. Originating in the State of Hidalgo in Mexico, Charrería has earned recognition as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Rooted in the haciendas of Hidalgo, the birthplace of Charrería, it has evolved into a National Sport. This rich tradition includes the 9 specific events that are part of the sport, like cala, piales, coleadero, jineteo de toro, terna, jineteo de yegua, manganas a pie, manganas a caballo, and paso de la muerte. The escaramuza, a group of 8 skilled female charras, showcases remarkable riding abilities with high-speed crosses and turns. Curated by Haydeé Rico & Odette Navarrete and illustrated by Linda Flores, our booklet, published by Iniciativa GOCA and Grupo GOCA, captures the essence of this cultural treasure.

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