“Learning with Values: Building Harmony Together” — Coloring booklet by Iniciativa GOCA

Let’s build a society where we all thrive in harmony, rooted in strong values. At Iniciativa GOCA and Grupo GOCA, we believe that values are the guiding force behind every action and decision, propelling us towards our dreams while uplifting others.

Dive into our heartwarming coloring booklet, “Learning with Values: Building Harmony Together” designed for kids and families. It’s a delightful journey through essential values that shape our society. By embracing empathy, consideration, perseverance, optimism, generosity, and courage, we can create a positive impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. Together, with teamwork, patience, inspiration, and equity, we can construct extraordinary things.

This free booklet, edited by Iniciativa GOCA and Grupo GOCA, has been distributed to various educational and childcare development centers. Ana Prado, who also collaborates with NicanNican, has brough efforts in creating engaging stories about values to children, nurturing understanding and growth among them.

Let's build together!

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