NicanNican: Empowering Caregivers with Accessible Early Childhood Learning. Led by Ana Prado — Iniciativa GOCA

NicanNican is a project dedicated to making early childhood care and education accessible to caregivers. Through our free YouTube content, caregivers can learn effective ways to support children in their development.
Originally launched in rural communities in the State of Hidalgo in Mexico, NicanNican has expanded its impact by providing valuable information on its YouTube channel. Leading this initiative is Ana Prado, a mother and industrial engineer, recognized for her expertise in oral storytelling for early childhood, and as a guide in pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, and literacy processes.

Ana also creates family experiences using artistic expressions and serves as a mediator in the National Reading Rooms Program. Her active participation in international festivals and events highlights her dedication to oral storytelling and reading mediation.

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