Rancho San José: A Private Natural Reserve Since 1909. Project lead by Ing. Joel Gómez Vázquez

Rancho San José is the beginning of what we now know as Grupo GOCA.In it, our values as a business group are reflected, our commitment to the planet, and the responsibility we have towards the future and sustainable development.

Through Grupo GOCA’s genuine commitment to sustainable development, Rancho San José, with its origins dating back to 1909, has evolved into a private reserve spanning over 132 hectares in the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.

At Rancho San José we actively engage in reforestation and propagation of endemic plant species Since 1975, innovative rainwater harvesting techniques have been employed, incorporating the construction of catchment ponds. The planet’s biodiversity is safeguarded through the Matilde and Rafael apiaries, protecting over two million bees, an endangered species.

Additionally, we actively collaborate with the El Campanario community on cultural and educational projects. Rancho San José is a place , where conservation harmonizes with community collaboration for a sustainable future.

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