La Fuente del Renacer — a safe space for vulnerable childhoods and youth. Foundation led by Claudia Rivera Gómez — Iniciativa GOCA

La Fuente del Renacer, founded and led by Claudia Rivera Gómez since 2013, is a non-profit organization that serves over 80 children aged 2 to 18 in the high-risk neighborhoods of Pachuca, including La Raza. Within this safe environment, vulnerable children facing challenges of poverty, violence, marginalization, or disability receive dedicated support with their school activities and studies.
This assistance empowers them to attain certifications at the primary, secondary, and high school levels. Additionally, La Fuente del Renacer provides essential services such as nutrition, psychological counseling, and language and rehabilitation therapies. Through the organization’s remarkable commitment, 8 young people are currently pursuing university studies, and these accomplished individuals now give back by volunteering and supporting younger ones in this nurturing space.

In recognition of her tireless efforts, Claudia Rivera Gómez has received the Medal for Merit in the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, along with accolades as a Municipal-level Social Entrepreneur Woman.

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